L’Altiplano 2.0 Restaurant 
at Le K2 Chogori

In his restaurant L'Altiplano 2.0, the Chef Riccardo Berto creates enchantingly exquisite dishes inspired by the culture and originality of Peruvian cuisine. Comfortably installed in the heart of Le K2 Chogori, embark on a voyage of the imagination, full of surprises.

L'Altiplano 2.0

  • Delicious Peruvian cuisine, served in generously sized dishes
  • Ideal for sharing
  • Intimate, cosy and welcoming atmosphere
  • Only open in the evening
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Dinner from 7.30pm to 10pm
  • Disabled access

Peruvian cuisine

Chef Riccardo Berto’s travels and encounters have influenced the cuisine at L’Altiplano. Markets, producers, aromas, and tastes that captivate and enchant… each dish draws its inspiration from these multiple sensations.  

Hot, grilled, boldly spicy cuisine…. from smoky char grilling to explosive flavours assuaged by Umami notes, Nikkei cuisine brings an excitingly contemporary twist to Peruvian food.

sensory journey

Exceptional products

Le Chef likes to work with chillies, citrus, and vibrant flavours; for him everything weaves together to create intense emotion. Peru offers an extraordinarily rich selection of produce, with its hundreds of varieties of potato, its maize, or its multitude of hot peppers.